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About Us

What Does

Mahalo Fo'Dat

Mean To Me?

Well, I guess I should tell you my story.

I was born on the Island of Oahu, lived most of my life in small community in Pearl City. Immediately after High School I was blessed with the opportunity to travel for work, I became a flight attendant for a locally expanding airline. I was 19 years old. I grew up in the travel industry, privy to exotic and desirable destinations. I found that customer service was my calling,  a people pleaser of sorts. They say flight attendants wear many hats on and off the aircraft. This is very true. We fill shoes and maintain roles because it is a duty we take on proudly.


I became a mother in my mid-twenties. I have three young men I am blessed to call my Sons. Soon after my first Son was born, I finally knew exactly who I wanted to be in this world, a Mother. Unbeknownst, I just took on the hardest job of all but with the biggest return- However I learned quickly that it was a thankless job, a duty that just needed to be fulfilled. It didn’t come with standing ovations, which at times I felt I deserved them. Or Honorary Ceremonies. This role never had a “How to” guide, packaged instructions or even a return label. But it was what I wanted, it was where I felt I was the most needed where I felt most happy.

I continue to fly the friendly skies and serve my community and support my family. It is my other Happy Place-traveling, exploring, reuniting loved ones, meeting new people-hearing their stories, being with my coworkers I call my extended family and coming home to my own. It has been a thankful twenty years…

And then the Covid-19 Pandemic threatened to destroy the economy and impacted the world. The normal we once knew was gone. Completely evaporated into uncertainty and doubt. The adjustments in our industry forced people to make hard financial decisions, sacrificing travel and leisure for the sake of health and safety. I speak only from my perception as a flight attendant, my career was and perhaps still is in jeopardy. We all are finding new was to move forward in the new world, adjusting to the new Normal way of living. 

I had the Idea of Mahalo Fo’Dat LLC in the midst of the pandemic, before testing numbers were triple digits, before masks and social distance was mandatory. I thought about all the men and women who still went into work daily- in the unknown and uncertain environment. The First responders, Civil Service men and women, medical workers, teachers and of course flight crews.  It was a duty that just needed to be fulfilled, if not you-then me, if not me- then who. We all had to make the choice to serve and aide in the best possible way. And many did this without a thank you. I wanted to build a Brand that could visually serve as a Positive reminder of Thanks. Mahalo Fo’Dat translates loosely to Thank you for that. A term I feel we all embrace and value,

There are many, millions, who were affected by the pandemic. So many lives lost, I send my deepest condolences and prayers to those families affected. I still believe we all shall overcome and move forward in this world because there among all the wreckage and ashes people will find new ideas, new was to survive. And we should all be able to say Mahalo Fo’Dat.

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